Poster Dimensions

If you were selected to present a poster at the upcoming 2022 National LGBTQ Health Conference, please adhere to the follow poster dimensions noted below. Also, remember to clearly title your poster and include all authors and affiliations on your poster. The rest of the poster is up to you! 

HEIGHT: No greater than 43"

WIDTH: No greater than 67" 

You can create a poster smaller than these dimensions, but just not larger:

There are tons of online resources for how to create an eye-catching poster that conveys your research or practice findings. 

You are responsible for printing your own poster and bringing it to the conference for presentation. There is a printer at the hotel (see info below). If you're interested in printing on-site through them, please contact them to see how much in advance they need the poster pdf/ppt and for the costs. 

Located in: Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

Address: 540 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Hours: Closes 6PM

Phone: (312) 832-0090

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